In the wee, small hours

There was a tzeva adom (rocket alert) and a ‘boom’ late in the evening, giving me an opportunity to curse the landlady and construction crew who are treating our safe room so cavalierly.  Now I’m sitting up listening to the ‘booms.’  I’m reasonably sure it’s us bombing them.  It could just be sonic booms, but I doubt it.  Praying for Hashem’s care and trying to remember that just because this house is smaller, doesn’t mean they’re going to be able to hit it any more than they ever hit the other one.  Not the scariest night of my life, but I am glad I was already awake when the booms started.

Someday, sometime

Hopefully this will be my last post under Life During Wartime. The thirty days are passed, and no rockets are filling the sky. I spent the last two days waiting for the other shoe to drop. We were celebrating out holiday – Rosh HaShanah – and I wasn’t getting any news or information outside of what is available right here on the moshav. What we found here on the moshav is that the bombs haven’t begun again. Let the celebrations begin.


No. We celebrate the beginning of a new year, a new start. We make amends to people we have harmed during the year and (hopefully) try to learn to do a better job in the coming year.

The fact that the bombs haven’t started does not mean that we are at peace. No such treaty has been signed. We are merely lucky that, for the moment, the war returns to it’s quiet state, a state of siege. We resume our ordinary lives aware somewhere at the back of the minds that someday, sometime, the bombs will be raining on us again.

But not today. Thank goodness, not today.

I’m hoping for another driving lesson next week – it will be the fifth. Or sixth? I’ve lost count. Driving for the first time into the nearest city, Netivot, a little bit nervous.

My youngest son has joined a soccer team, which adds to the driving requirements of the family – here’s hoping I am able to get my license sooner rather than later. 😉

Until I find a new topic that moves me, or the next time we’re in a shooting war, that’s it for me here. Thanks so much for reading along.