Many thanks to Adi for nominating me for the Very inspiring Blogger Award. I’m rather stunned, to be honest, that anyone thinks that highly of this blog or me. Not that I’m complaining… Adi is a lovely young woman (I hope she doesn’t mind me saying that) who I only met on WordPress a little bit ago. I think she is well worth getting to know.


Here are the guidelines for the award:

Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you.

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Share seven facts about yourself.

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Seven facts about me

1. I love to write. I write for myself, journal entries, diaries, short fiction, poetry, essays… few people get to see what I write, because I tend to burn it, or hide it away in dark places (like the attic). I’m trying to get over that.

2. I love the colour yellow. Nothing as tame or boring as lemon yellow or pastel yellow. I like a fiery yellow that brightens everything in reach.

3. Everything I’ve done in life, I’ve started without a clue – marriage, kids, moving to Israel, blogging. I don’t do research (much) or imagine how things will turn out – I just do it, and find out as I go. I suspect some things in my life might have turned out a bit better had I spent a little more time in preparation, but overall it’s working out just fine.

4. I am an enthusiastic and reasonably talented knitter. I’ve been knitting since I was maybe six years old (so long ago I can’t remember). I knit just about everything, although what I like most is knitting lace. I am about to finish a second pair of wool socks for myself (what I do during a war – socks are great) and am in the middle of two blankets, one for myself and one for my step-granddaughter in the U.S.

5. I love children. Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-children, pre-teens, teen-agers, and adult children. All are great. Mostly, though I want more babies. I love to hold babies. Babies are good for the soul.

6. I have five donkeys. It’s a fluid number. One of them isn’t really ours, she’s only been living here through the war and hopefully getting pregnant. Another female, one of ours, we believe is pregnant, so we might end up with five even after our loaner goes home. I love donkeys, they are the sweetest animals (In My Not-so-Humble Opinion)

7. I use homeopathy. I was converted when I was pregnant with my third baby. I’d had terribly, awfully, horrible morning-sickness all day with the first two, nothing helped, I couldn’t keep anything down. I don’t know how I gained enough weight to have the baby. Third pregnancy I was working with a lay-midwife in Massachusetts, who suggested I try the homeopathic remedy nux vomica. I was willing to try anything, and, barring a little bit of nausea just after I started taking the nux, I’ve never had morning sickness since. I branched out from there, and my kids various childhood bumps, bruises and illnesses were all treated homeopathically — sometimes in the teeth of doctor disapproval.


I’m sorry to say I can’t nominate others for the award (I feel like I’m failing people). I simply don’t have enough time to read other people’s blogs, and when I do I’m racing through trying to catch up. I will, if it is okay, spend some time when the war is over coming up with people to nominate, just because I want to. 🙂