Sad news

This is Mel’s husband John writing.

On January 9th, Mel passed away.

Her health had been in decline for some time, and during the last few month’s she was living in a nursing home in Be’er Sheva.

Thank you all for following her blog, I know she really loved writing it.

If you wish further information, you can contact me at

Thank you


7 thoughts on “Sad news

  1. Mel meant a lot to many of us here. It was obvious from her writings that she was quite in love with you, and appreciative of all you did for her. All of us who were extraordinarily fond of Mel thank you for giving her as good a life as one in her position could hope for. I can’t imagine how sad you must be. Your family has my sincere condolences.

  2. I also followed Mel’s blog and although we never met f2f we talked on the phone several times. I enjoyed her photos of Israel and other places. This is a great loss. My condolences.

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