Waiting to see the neurologist at B’tuach leumi.  The Husband turned on a WiFi hotspot on his phone (one of them)(phones, not hotspots).  It’s hard waiting and hard typing on the iPad here.  It’s almost over at least.  We spent lots of money today, one way of getting through the stress.  If B’tuach leumi gives me more money, it will pay for it – and anyway we didn’t buy anything that wasn’t needed.  New clothes for me, a mazgan for the salon, and so on.  We’ll manage.


It’s the next day and it’s over.  I survived.  The visit to the neuro was traumatic (it’s hard having people doubt the reality of your situation) but not as bad as it could have been, as it has been other times.  The drs. were running so late TH and I had tickets to a play (a treat afterwards) but didn’t make it.  We would have been over an hour late.  So instead we took a long and scenic drive and got ice cream.  It turned out to be the perfect end of the day.

Enough.  Got to go eat my breakfast, and wait a couple of weeks to see what B’tuach leumi decides.  I’m just glad it’s over.

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