A New Post

I’m bored.  I’m not near the computer so no photos.  So what to do?  It’s been a while since I wrote anything so I thought – I can do this…

I have a great deal of difficulty typing right now, and the dizziness is so bad I have trouble sitting up.  I thought I might write some poetry but nothing has yet come of that.  So here I am.  Typing on the iPad is easier because it fills in the words for me.  I wish I could do more but I have to be grateful that I’m still improving.  *sigh*

I keep getting interrupted so this feels choppy to me.  I hope to get better enough that I can take care of myself; but until then I have now a live-in care-giver. It’s very different for me and a lot of adjustment.  I’m not used to being cared for.  The Husband did/does his best.  I had a shower and afterward the care-giver (her name is Amor) did my nails.  Such a treat!

So that’s life here and now.  I hope to be here more often in the future.  Laterz


5 thoughts on “A New Post

  1. I appreciate your posts because you like I, struggle. Our struggles are different but you have a little more help than I do. I’m sorry you need the help, but, be grateful that the caregivers are there. It feels for me like one step forward, three steps back for many years now. I hang in there because you do. Reading your posts gives me strength:) Please keep us up to date with your doings. Thanks:)

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