Today I got up at what for me is the crack of dawn, finished packing and after only three false starts – headed to the airport.  Oldest son came with The Husband and I, and we picked up youngest daughter after stopping to buy calcium and solar/diesel for the wheelchair van.  We drove to the airport in plenty of time which turned out to be a good thing as we had to send oldest son back to the van twice for things forgotten.  I’m in Kiev right now leaving at the real crack of dawn tomorrow for our flight to Helsinki.  There have been a few ‘Keystone Kops’ moments but overall it’s been as easy as a trip can be for someone as disabled (and dizzy!) as I am.  At the Kiev airport I was the last passenger off the plane – there was a skinny little wheelchair that I rode between the seats to get to the front of the plane.

I wrote this on Tuesday and it’s now Thursday, I’m at the World Science Fiction convention in Helsinki.  So far it’s been a wonderful ride and perhaps I will write more – there’s a lot to say, and I’m really frustrated at my lack of typing ability, but enough.  More later I hope


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