Going to Tel Aviv 

Last night TH and I went to a ‘meetup,’ a meeting of English-speaking readers of science fiction.  It was the first real social outing in months; since my latest and most severe problems.  I have an electric wheelchair, but, having some experience we brought the smaller manual wc as well.  Last night was the beginning of the fast for tisha b’av so we wasted some time looking for an open restaurant so TH could have a proper meal before the fast, and ended up getting a bunch of picnic supplies he could eat in the car while driving before sundown.  I can’t fast for medical reasons (obviously).

We had a nice drive on relatively empty roads, but long before we got to Tel Aviv the problems began.  I had the address where we were going in an email, but with my coordination problems I can’t use a smartphone.  My new phone allows me to make calls and receive texts, but not to look at my email.  TH couldn’t access my gmail account at first so we lost a lot of time over that.

Then, when we got there, late already, the parking lot across the street had a bar across the entrance.  So we were very fortunate finding a handicapped parking space close by.  One where the lift could be lowered and thus allow access to the wheelchairs.  Only by blocking the one-lane street unfortunately as we found the locals and taxi drivers had no patience for this cripple and went so far as to drive up on the sidewalk rather than wait.  Which made the whole thing take three times as long as it needed to, as I couldn’t safely get out of the way.

Finally, over an hour late, made it to the correct address to find (unsurprisingly) that the one ‘small’ step was too high for the electric wheelchair.  I managed with TH’s help to stand and get up the step – and then another tenant helped TH wth the wheelchair. Only to find that there was no way to get the wheelchair into the lift.  So off went TH to get the manual wheelchair and I broke one of my toes because I wasn’t able to just sit still and wait for him.  We were finally able to get me in the smaller wheelchair into the lift by taking off the footrests.  After that it was a lovely evening although TH also had to return the electric wheelchair to the van (I swear sometimes the man is a saint).

We knew it was going to be an exciting learning experience but perhaps next time not while fasting and not when it is so hot and muggy in Tel Aviv.  It’s always hot and muggy for us in Tel Aviv.  Such is life.

Got to stop, this is too painful.

* Note: wrote this Tuesday, didn’t notice that I hadn’t published ’till now.


8 thoughts on “Going to Tel Aviv 

  1. I’m glad you got to go, and that it was a worthwhile experience while you were there. But what a series of travails leading up to it! You’re right – your hubby is a saint. (Was that all typed on one finger again, or have you regained some mobility in other digits?) Thanks for the update. It was good to see an entry from you this morning 🙂

    • Sometimes TH is a saint – Sometimes. Two fingers at the moment, the iPad autofills which makes it more do-able. Sadly, that outing’s problems are more the rule than the exception. Why I don’t go out more.

      • That’s really a shame, not being able to go out and do normal socializing because the infrastructure doesn’t allow for it. Thank god you have at least a “sometimes” saint by your side on this journey. Still, I wish it were easier for you. Hang in there, kiddo.

  2. I’m glad to see a post from you! I find that many able people are unaware of the barriers to their own homes. They will say “a very small step” but then it turns out to be two steps and no handrail or some such. Then they are amazed when I arrive on my scooter and suddenly the barriers they’d never noticed materialize!

    I’m glad you had a good meeting and I hope that things get easier as these new friends get a better sense of your reality.

  3. How is your toe?!!! I have called places who tell me they are accessible only to get there and find the same barriers that you describe. I’m really glad you got to finally get there though! And had a helper with the chair!
    When my husband loads up my scooter for me I feel grateful. It makes up for any time he is crass 🙂

    • Toe is fine, healing. I know what you mean re: husbands – I spent some time last night trying to get him to see that his help was extraordinary – that not everyone would have done it. It doesn’t change that he was a bit of an ass today, but it helps.

      • LOL!!! This really made me laugh!!
        They have a nice balance though right?
        Little bit of ass here little bit of generosity there!
        I’m really glad your toe is healing.

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