Still doing better 

As I posted on fb I’m finally better enough to be able to think about things other than my condition so that’s good.  I’m back to typing with one finger on the iPad so that’s not so good.  Here’s a photo after The Husband did some impromptu paint scraping (getting my sitting room ready for painting, at least one wall):

Youngest son went to take a test for a course in the army.  He won’t be taking the course (his choice), but the whole thing was good experience for him.  As each of the kids have gone into the army we have learned.  The most important thing we’ve learned is the difference it makes being olim (immigrants).  For the most part TH and I have had a relatively easy time adjusting to our new country; not so for the next generation.  I think it has a lot to do with never feeling like we fit in in the U.S.  So coming here was the opposite of jarring.


It’s Saturday night and I wrote that Friday before sundown.  I took the photo with the iPad, proving that my search for a camera that works for me isn’t over.  And no new poetry on the brain, so I guess that this is it for now.  One finger salute (not the middle finger, the one I type with).  Until next time then. TTFN


3 thoughts on “Still doing better 

      • I feel the same way about gefilte fish. I made it once – it wasn’t hard, but it was time consuming and reasonably expensive. And when I finished, it didn’t taste any different than Manichewitz. So now I just stick with the jarred stuff. 🙂

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