So last week shows me that I can’t write poetry when my brain is down.  I live and learn.  So it goes.  This week I’m on the iPad with two fingers and much more brain.  Doesn’t make me ready to write poetry, though.  Doing microscopically better again after a Huge day yesterday.  Dropped off the last remaining donkeys at a donkey rescue farm way north, as long as we were way north we did some shopping.  ‘We’ in this instance was me and The Husband and eldest son.  One of the things that we bought was a cushion that allows me to ride in the back of the wheelchair van and be properly supported.  It made the whole day possible.

Today I am writing on Shabbot, which I ought not, but I will post this tonight after sundown and it helps on a day when I can’t read to have something like this to do.  Long, run-on sentence that.  See I know proper English grammar I’m just ignoring it today.  And while everything is so hard.  I’m still doing better.  I don’t know how long or how much incrementally better I can get.  I suppose that I will find out over time like most things.  Don’t take drugs, particularly the ones that the dr.s want to give you for real problems.  No, wait.  There’s something wrong with that.  But it’s the drugs that dr.s didn’t prescribe that have done me the most good, with the least harm.  ???  I don’t have an answer for that.

People, especially other dr.s don’t like it when I say that.  That’s why I only have on my team of dr.s ones who acknowledge that they haven’t got all the answers and who are able to listen to me.  My team includes my primary care, three neurologists, an acupuncturist, a physiotherapist, four (at last count) social workers…  I have nothing against modern medicine, it just doesn’t seem to work for me.

So it goes.  I’m still doing better.  That’s the important thing.  And I miss the donkeys.  Already.  And that is all for today.


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  1. I’m glad you figured a way to travel comfortably.
    Hey I LIKE the poetry!!! Glad you have two fingers to write today.
    You are right. Doctors do not like it when we say EH don’t want to try that with all of the million other symptoms it will bring! You’ll be able to use your arm but you will lose all bladder control and you may die. That’s what the package inserts say! It’s absurd.
    Good to read your post and see you are doing alittle better

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