No Photos

I got my new electric wheelchair on Friday – Surprize! – I wasn’t expecting it for a couple of months.  Friday I went for two (2) wheelchair walks and it made me so happy!  I ‘walked’ around the moshav for the first time in years.  I’m sorry I didn’t take any photos but apparently it wasn’t in Hashem’s plan.  I was going to take family photos for a proposed shidduch (marriage arrangement) for Oldest Son but that didn’t happen either.

Saturday (actually starting Friday evening) was shabbot, and so no electric wheelchair and already I missed it.  Today I started a regimen of trying to walk as much as possible using my walking frame.  For some reason my left knee keeps trying to bend backwards.  Other than that I am wobbly and the body keeps falling over, but that’s why I have a walking frame.  I wish I knew what was up with that knee.

I had a plan for going through photos I took visiting the zoo and never posted, but, you guessed it, that didn’t happen either as also didn’t happen the Hebrew lesson I had scheduled or the appointment with a counselor this afternoon.  Instead, I went to Be’er Sheva (no photos) and saw a plastic surgeon for a hernia repair and tummy tuck.  Oy!  With my electric wheelchair and I was positively buoyant as going out with so much independence is positively unheard of lately.  The past year, plus.   So I wandered up and down the mall, shopped for some shampoo, looked around.  I wasn’t entirely alone, Youngest Daughter was with me, lest you get the wrong idea.  The world is still safe from me for a while yet.

But I am hopeful and I have plans.  The first is to (hopefully) build up until I am walking more like a person.  If I survive the surgery I am going to visit Finland.  Next year is hopefully England.  And so on.  I have plans.  Hashem willing and things keep working out.  Oh, and I only had to pay 10% of the cost of the wheelchair.  Never going back to the old health care.  Never.

That’s all as the fingers still don’t support much typing.  Laterz


6 thoughts on “No Photos

  1. Wonderful! I envy you. I’m working out whether I can afford the same as the NHS have come back with nothing, not even a replacement for my manual chair that’s falling apart and that I can’t manipulate in any case. Good luck with the walking and the future ops!

  2. I am So excited for you in the electric wheelchair! Isn’t it amazing how you can just zip around and be independent. I LOVE mine so much. I didn’t even think about not using it for Shabbat.
    Your plans sound very exciting. Something to really look forward to.
    When I use my electric chair then my leg strength is conserved and I can walk more around the house and do things without getting overly exhausted.

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