I had no mother.  I had no father.  The only ‘parent’ I had was a man I called ‘uncle,’ who parented me — somewhat.  So when I had babies of my own I had nothing but books, some instincts, and the examples of a few mothers that I respected.

-I looked in my daughter’s eyes

Knowing not what to expect.

The second try.

I was going to get this right

If it killed me.

It almost did.

How did my kids grow up

Relatively sane?

I don’t know.

Six kids.  Six babies.

I’m not the person I was

When I decided I was going to be a mom

Do it right.

I put my kids first 

Even when it meant facing my past.

I always put my kids first

Even when it meant saying ‘no.’

I never knew

What it meant

To put myself first

Making choices

Not based on someone else’s well-being

It’s different.

It’s cool.

-First draft


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  1. Parenting is hard, even when you did have good examples. So few of us did. We do the best we can. (((hugs)))

    • And I think the idea of what a good parent is has changed also. My mom was raised by really fierce one and she tried her best – my mom had different ideas than her mother but she had so many kids! I certainly had different ideas from my mom and I’m not sure I did so well – my daughter has different ideas than I did and my grandkids seem to be doing quite well. lol –

  2. Beautiful words from a very beautiful soul of a very beautiful woman. I have one son and two daughters. My oldest daughter now has 2 sons and is a wonderful mother. Despite my thinking I was a not very good parent, my children have said otherwise and when I see how my daughter is raising her sons, I realize I couldn’t have been too bad at it. HUGS

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