It’s been a long time…

It’s been a long time, and a lot has happened.  Quickly, though, I’ve seen a (new to me) neuro who knows M.S. and who says there is no sign of plaques on the latest MRI which means REMISSION.  Which makes me happy even though I still have many problems which make being functional a non-starter.  I am putting the blame on drug withdrawal – I was taking something new (anything that has been prescribed for less than twenty years counts as ‘new’ to me) because the pain I was suffering from sometime in March last year was unendurable.  It worked, I survived, and acupuncture at long last made the pain go away.  But no one warned me that there would be such a bad period of withdrawal.

I don’t know if the dr. who prescribed it didn’t know, but it appears that bad withdrawal from this particular drug is not unheard of.  And long.  A friend of mine who took it said eight weeks, and many people I read just went right back on it rather than endure the withdrawal symptoms.  One person I read online says symptom-free after 7 months!

The weakness and tremors are the worst at the moment, and I have NO balance.  Really none at all.  Apparently one of the side-effects of the drug was weight gain, and while I wasn’t really aware of it at the time, I have dropped more than four kilos in less than a month.  That’s a lot for me, I’ve been losing about a kilo a month for the past few years, which is good and carefully handled I’ve dropped more than 30 kilos, but more than four in a month is not a result of anything that I have done, so I’m putting that down to stopping the drug.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been and why I haven’t been here.  With the tremors typing is really difficult (writing is impossible) so that’s all for now.   Poems and photos will show up again I’m sure, but not tonight.


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