I went to Tel Aviv twice in the last two days.  The Husband drove the wheelchair van as I wasn’t in a fit state to drive.  We went to the Science Fiction convention ‘Olamot’. Best transliteration I can do, the ‘o’s are both long.  Apparently the symptoms I’ve been enduring were/are due to a drug I was taking for pain, and the withdrawal.  I’m doing much better now, but far from all better.  Far from how (comparatively) well I was doing before the pain hit, still not as well as I was doing even a month ago, but better.  The woman who does acupuncture (among other things) is coming back today and we’ll see how much better – I hope.

Yesterday I went to see the acupuncturist at the clinic – he does Traditional Chinese Acupuncture under the direction of a medical doctor, which means he treats only individual symptoms – and afterwards put on my own shoes and socks, besides transferring my own self to the wheelchair.  This was unprecedented freedom, not to mention such a huge improvement over when I’d come in that it’s hard to imagine.  After that TH and I drove back up to Tel Aviv for the second time.

The first time was Wednesday.  At the time TH and I and Youngest Son met the rest of the family including my sister.  We looked for kosher for Passover lunch and ended up having a street side picnic outside a grocery store; thanks in large part to the supplies (notably matzoh and cheddar cheese) that my sister had brought.  Afterwards TH and I, with different subsets of our adult children, wandered about the con and bought five comic books (in Hebrew), four books, and earrings among other things.  By then I was pretty well ‘all-in’ as the saying goes, and we just went home with two sons.

Yesterday TH and I had tickets to a collection of short films towards the end of the con.  We drove up from the acupuncture appointments (TH is being treated for allergies) and then, with a couple of hours to kill, we just strolled around that part of Tel Aviv and watched the night life a bit.  We found bananas and kosher-for-Passover cookies, visited with some friendly – and one really scared of the wheelchair – dogs.  The short films were good, the lift was in a locked closet and only blocked by two chairs.  The woman who escorted us up was quite angry about the blockage and leaving was without incident.

TH and I got home a bit after midnight, all well and having enjoyed a trip down memory lane.  Tired and with the visit from the woman who does acupuncture (among other things) looming, that’s all for now.


2 thoughts on “Olamot

  1. May your symptoms continue to be alleviated and your days be peaceful. I still struggle with the meds I take for blood pressure but the discomfort under control – as long as I can sleep 7 hours I’m okay – less than 6 and I’m a mess. I have to skip them about once a week or so. Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

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