A work in progress 

I’m not doing well, there’s this dizziness that makes it impossible to function.  And such extreme weakness that most of the time I can’t sit up.  Fortunately one of the people I turn to for help, who does acupuncture among other things, says I don’t need to function, that this is part of the healing process.  I’m so thrilled.

The Husband helped me stack pillows because my hands aren’t up to the job, and I can’t support myself even to type on the iPad.

I am not feeling sorry for myself, my attitude is great given my situation.  I hope this woman is right and that this is a part of the healing process.  *sigh*. Otherwise… it’s a good thing I’ve started to get rid of things, to clear my decks as it were.

Anyway, that’s why I have been least-in-sight.  In the meantime here’s a poem I’ve been working on.  Not finished, but what ever is?

A brain

A finger and a brain 

An iPad, a finger and a brain 

It’s all I need 


Two hands to plump the pillows

And dexterity and balance

Filling a water glass

Fortunately they don’t have to be mine

And faith

Lots and lots of faith.


6 thoughts on “A work in progress 

  1. I hope that woman is right…I hope that woman is right…I hope that woman is right…I hope that woman is right…

    I hope you finish that poem.

    My thoughts are with you. Hang in there, babe.


  2. Mel, my experience has always been get a FEW opinions and decide what YOU think is best for what YOU want and need. Don’t take one person’s opinion – not even a medical specialist (which this person doesn’t even sound like). Specialists know their niche (most of the time!) You know YOU. YOU know what is best for you.

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