Not doing well 

physically, but at the moment I have a terrific attitude.  That’s more important, really.  The body may be on its last decline or I could last for decades, there’s no knowing and the drs. are no help at all.  So I am poetry free this evening and I can’t type for s**t so trying to find photos on the computer to share is not going to happen.  I love that I can use one finger to type on the iPad and it fills in most of the words for me.

I went to Be’er Sheva for an mri last Monday; to Jerusalem in celebration of TH and I being married for 35 years (woo-hoo!!!)((almost everyone thought (and told us) that we wouldn’t make it)); and to Tel Aviv on Tuesday to be reviewed for a medical procedure that could (mind you, I only said could) hugely improve my quality of life.  The trip for the MRI was without incident, the restaurant and movie theater afterwards was properly handicapped accessible.  No complaints.  When I went to Tel Aviv we lucked out in that all the crip parking available was of the right sort to deploy the wheelchair lift.  One store we went to (in Hod Hasharon) had all the crip spaces in use, but TH was able to leave me at the front and it worked out okay.

Jerusalem.  It was built long before there were wheelchair vans and people worried about accessibility.  It was a nightmare.  We picked up my brother and went to meet some people and it was exciting but doable.  The hotel we were at near the Old City made no claims to accessibility so it’s really not their fault, but it was a nightmare.  Honestly, it’s taken this long just to recover from that disastrous experience.  We left as soon as the sun was down, and all I wanted to do was go home to a bed I fit in, to a bathroom I could use without the threat of grievous bodily harm.  Oy!

So, don’t do it.  I am going to find out if there is an accessible hotel in the Old City that is even sort of affordable, in the meantime the next time that I want to go someplace different (that is not Eilat) I think I’ll head to the Dead Sea.  I love Eilat but TH can’t go in the water – which is half the point of going there for me.  We’ll see if the Dead Sea causes problems for him – unlikely.

That’s all the left index finger is up to for now.  Laterz


16 thoughts on “Not doing well 

  1. My son-in-law who has MS has been having good results (a significant lessening of some symptoms) from LDN (lower dose naltrexone). He buys it online – apparently there are reports of good results but no one’s going to make any money from it – I don’t know, I have too many medical histories in my head at the moment but I think it might be worth some research. Love xxx

    • Since I can’t even get an answer on whether or not the most recent problems are caused by the ms (as opposed to a virus, or another neurological problem, or ???) this is not the time for me to be trying random cures. Must have some idea what I’m dealing with, fortunately I can still get acupuncture. 😉

      • Thanks. Relief right now could take the form of a quick death as opposed to a lingering one. I’m not being morbid or depressed. Just realistic as to the options. The kids are grown and I would like to enjoy life some more, but I just don’t know if that’s possible. I have an appointment at long last to see a neurologist in April. Perhaps I’ll know more then.

      • Oh, darling. I hear you. Standing by your side through whatever comes your way. Well, whatever comes our way. Hugs xx

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear you’re going through such a trying time. You’re a real trooper though, continuing to update through the pain.

    Would a dirty joke (or 20) help?

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