Trip to the Be’er Sheva zoo

Here’s some photos I took.  It’s not representative I’m sorry to say, but things are a bit pressed here and I really wanted to get some of these up.  BTW the zoo as I went is completely w/c accessible but I didn’t check out the toilets.  It’s a wonderful short tiyul(trip) if you’re in the area.IMG_6210IMG_6268IMG_6278IMG_6307I spent a lot of my time fighting with the camera over fences and other visual barriers.  I really wanted a photo of the small birds and between the fences and reflection from the glass this is the best I could do.IMG_6388

I have better photos than this taken through the glass, but I just love this nose.  🙂

TH and I are celebrating his 55th birthday and our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend, hopefully there will be photos.  At the moment we are thinking of going to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, but subject to change without notice.


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