After the dentist…

I wanted to post photos.  I wanted to write status updates and poetry.  Instead I’ve been studying Hebrew, knitting, and going to the dentist.  I’ve spent the most time on the first two, but the most energy on the last.  I’m not done.  That was the least of it, losing it and crying, and clinging to The Husband’s hand.  Over filling a small cavity.  What will I do for the big one, when I have to sit in the chair for an hour while he fixes a root canal gone bad?

I was horribly abused by a dentist when I was a child.  Hitting me over the head with steel instruments when I squirmed or cried was the least of it.  If that was all I would go and get dental care relatively calmly.  I know because I worked at it for years with a good and patient dentist in the U.S.  Unfortunately, I was not so lucky when I moved with TH and the kids to Israel..  Bad dentist after incompetant dentist (there were a couple of good ones, but my continuing decline in health and a move to the south lost them for me), culminating in the one who drilled directly into a nerve without any anesthetic.  And the clinic staff argued with me ‘oh, we would never do that!’  

The botched root canal my current, good and patient dentist needs to fix is like the sixth tooth I have lost as a result of this bad dentistry.  From filling the wrong cavity to not cleaning a cavity thoroughly before it was filled, to the root canal that needs to be fixed to the tooth I lost because I lost the one below and it just descended into the space – without even mentioning to me that that was something that could happen, it is a wonder I am willing to see a dentist at all.  Leave alone trust him.  But I do.

However, going to the dentist takes a lot of energy, and I haven’t got a lot.  So, I may not be writing very much until this is done.  Sorry.


11 thoughts on “After the dentist…

  1. Gosh, you have my sympathy. While I’ve never had such bad treatment, other than an orthodontist telling me when I was a child that I was imagining most of the pain with my eyes shut, I have recently lost a lot of teeth as a result of my auto-immune condition. Mind you, that was after another dentist in a different part of the UK had said there was nothing much wrong! Well done you for sticking with it where others would have given up. Wishing you well and I hope you have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  2. I am starting to think that dentistry in Israel is rather medieval. One dentist refused to clean my brother’s teeth because he used to smoke a pipe and they were stained with nicotine. He just flat out refused. What’s with that?

    • It depends so much on the dentist. You can get a much wider range of treatment here. My dentist doesn’t clean *anyone’s* teeth. But there is a really good hygienist I go to. 😉

  3. I had a bad and unnecessary experience at a dentist once so I know just because they are dentists theyre not exempt from being evil. You hang in there. Wont you be glad once youre dental work is caught up? You could always opt for a nice set of dentures and be done with it. Im in partials now myself and they look great:)

    • I wish it were that simple. A set of dentures would certainly make things simpler, but I’d have to pull all my remaining teeth, and pay for it all. At least I have found a wonderful dentist at long last…

  4. So very sorry. I struggle with this myself. The fear of the dentist and the anxiety. Also, I am finding out about incompetent dentists. Oh, my heart broke reading this for you.
    Umm..can’t think of anything witty. I’ll be thinking of you. So very glad you have someone to hold your hand. Much love, CC

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