Places (poetry)

I went to the zoo in Be’er Sheva and took lots of photos.  Instead of sharing them, though, I have a poem that might be almost finished.  So here it is:

I come from a place of ugliness,

     Pain and distrust


I live in a place of beauty,

     Yet still in pain


It is the same place,

    It’s all in how I look at it


Sometimes there is no choice.  When I was a kid, life was fear and pain, loneliness.  Back then I had no choice, even though there was one adult on my side.  He’s the reason I’m still here.  Now I have a choice.  Fear and pain are there, but I choose not to participate.  I choose Faith.  And Love.  Life is good today.


11 thoughts on “Places (poetry)

  1. Melisdvash I’m sorry to hear of the childhood abuse. I feel your strength and hope and love for your family. As you already know, I’m also disabled, and that brings its own problems… it’s great getting to know you from your blogs. The world becomes a friendlier place.
    Writing helps, doesn’t it. Thank you for sharing your poetry.
    Love and hugs 🐻 💚 🌸

  2. I come back and reread your posts. I love to reread poetry and thoughts and feelings on different days. I’m odd like that but I find it fascinating how my mood can be changed by an inspirational post like this. So if I am already feeling good then it makes me feel better but if I am low then it truly lifts me up. So again, this was a great post

    • Again, thank you. These poems take a lot of time and care, and I’m rarely satisfied. I don’t know if this is me being too perfectionist or if they really aren’t top drawer. In any event it is good to know that they touched somebody besides me, since I write for the connection with other people.

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