Before all this rain

Near my home there is a forest and fields which is a home for the ‘Festival Darom Adom.’  We had seen a few of the calaniyot, the red flowers that are (I believe) the state flower of Israel.  I went down to see the beginnings with my oldest son, before the hordes of tourists came, and took a few photos of the forest and fields, not yet all red.2017-02-02-14-27-372017-02-02-14-29-412017-02-02-14-29-462017-02-02-14-32-192017-02-02-14-47-06

Even before this there was enough rain to open (and lengthen) sinkholes in the fields.  Now I imagine that after all the rain we’ve had since, it could be quite exciting in the wheelchair.  It’s too dark and cold today, anyway.


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