Not really, but the best one word description of why I haven’t, and am not, posting photos either of the calaniot, or the trip to the zoo last Thursday.  It has been cold, rainy, and dark, and I’ve been suffering a great deal of pain.  I just went to the acupuncturist and am doing much better but now there is a cat on my lap so just a little note with the help of my iPad.  So long and stay warm.  🙂


22 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Feel better my friend! I thought it never gets cold there? See how ignorant I am regarding weather. I assumed it was always warm there!

    • Back when I lived in the frigid north (New England and Chicago), I would never have called this cold; although the cold rain can be quite frigid, and the houses don’t get toasty warm like our cabin in the woods. Israelis could learn a thing or two about insulation. But now cold is very bad for me and a cold wind can cause mind-numbing pain. So I guess I’m over cold now. I can’t wait for it to warm up and stop raining (even though rain is good. Rain is good. I live in a desert – so rain is good).

      Actually where I live has been down-graded from true desert to ‘semi-arid.’ Rain is still good.

      But the pain…

      Stay warm and safe home. I love reading about your adventures in the frozen North (New Jersey), it brings on a sort of nostalgia for me. I remember sliding through Holyoke (MA) on sheet ice, tapping the brakes and then praying as I slid through several intersections. Fortunately I did make it home safe that night. Never again drove an automatic transmission in New England. 😉

      • Sliding is a better term than driving…. I’m used to patches of black ice but a street of black ice?

      • It didn’t happen often where I lived in Western Massachusetts, but it did happen. I don’t forget that night- they even closed the Mass pike (I90). So glad I made it home, so glad it doesn’t happen here.

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