Places (poetry)

I went to the zoo in Be’er Sheva and took lots of photos.  Instead of sharing them, though, I have a poem that might be almost finished.  So here it is:

I come from a place of ugliness,

     Pain and distrust


I live in a place of beauty,

     Yet still in pain


It is the same place,

    It’s all in how I look at it


Sometimes there is no choice.  When I was a kid, life was fear and pain, loneliness.  Back then I had no choice, even though there was one adult on my side.  He’s the reason I’m still here.  Now I have a choice.  Fear and pain are there, but I choose not to participate.  I choose Faith.  And Love.  Life is good today.


Not really, but the best one word description of why I haven’t, and am not, posting photos either of the calaniot, or the trip to the zoo last Thursday.  It has been cold, rainy, and dark, and I’ve been suffering a great deal of pain.  I just went to the acupuncturist and am doing much better but now there is a cat on my lap so just a little note with the help of my iPad.  So long and stay warm.  🙂

Struggling with the language

I don’t know why

I can’t see

All that I do is

     Learning to be.

I learned how to hurt

I learned how to work 

I never learned just

     How to be me.

I talk the talk

I walk the walk

I breathe and pray

     But still don’t see

There are beautiful flowers 

And donkeys and goats

And a camera for photos

    Little girl that was me.

I’m not entirely happy with this, but there is nothing more I can do with it.  *sigh*