Just Because 

I have been working as I can on poetry, and photography, but mostly enduring cold winds and pain which makes other occupations difficult.

I Did start knitting a string bag because I can.  I have three unfinished knitting projects right beside me, but I am not in good enough physical shape and haven’t been making progress on them.  It occurred to me that if I started something simple, on large needles, it would keep my knitting muscles in shape and not require much investment in time or brain-power.

So here’s three night’s work, fifteen stitches on LARGE needles:  

It would be pretty pathetic if I compare it to the knitting I was able to do a year ago, but compared to what I did last week (nothing) it’s terrific!  As I am learning to walk again and other such physical things, I get to return to being a beginning knitter.  Fun.

The cat is taking a nap on my computer keyboard 

So this is typed with one finger using the WordPress app on my iPad.  So many different ways to do the same thing, so instead of working on getting my typing speed up (for instance) I am trying out all the different ways I can communicate here.  With Kitten’s help, of course.

My dog Chamudah is lying between my legs and partially under the bed table, no photo, it’s the table that has the laptop and Kitten on it.  It is really cold here, but the wind has died down, thank goodness.  Thank goodness also for the mohair shawl, a thermal blanket and a down-filled comforter.  I was just on the phone explaining to someone that I have a lot of practice being grateful and looking at what I have rather than what is (I perceive to be) missing.  In my life, except for the pain, all is good.  Even the pain might be good, but I’m not willing to go there right now.  Now I’d better go.  This works well for me, maybe even better than dictation.  Need to remember that.  Laterz


7 thoughts on “Just Because 

  1. I love your wit and your sarcasm. Your posts make me smile. More importantly, they help me keep my perspective.
    It’s easy to lose when you’re alone as much as I am. Thank you for that.
    Stay warm….feel better. Sending love. CC

  2. I am overjoyed to see the big needle and your beginnings of a masterpiece! And your typing and your hopes of walking. Sounds like you have set your intentions and nothing will be stopping you. Good thing you have a dog and kitty to help!

  3. Your knitting is pretty. How nice to have a cat to keep your computer warm 😉 🐈 💙 and a dog to warm your feet :p 🐶 🐾 💚 have you heard of Dragon dictation software?
    All the best, love Faith

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