Pune, India

I haven’t been feeling so well at all, but I have had the cameras out and some of the photos are even worth sharing.  So here’s the last (for now) of photos I took while in Pune in December of 2016.

Looking through the tuk-tuk, or motorized rickshaw.  After the tire change.img_20161213_093218_hdr

Street sceneimg_20161213_093656_hdr

I saw a fair number of people with scarves, or even masks, because the dirt thrown in your face was very unpleasant.  For this rider it also provides some anonymity.


As I’ve already mentioned I have been a bit under the weather, and such weather!  It isn’t as cold as all that, but I’ve become Very cold-sensitive since the neurological event that took away most of my remaining functioning.  The whole family has been sick, sicker and sickest.  It’s not being an easy winter.

Still, my middle daughter made me a mohair shawl which I am really delighting in.  The critters are helping me to stay warm at least when they aren’t cutting off my circulation.  And I may be having hot-flashes.  It’s hard to tell, but I *am* in my fifties.  So there are things to mitigate the season.


I just spent a huge amount of money I haven’t got on membership, plane fare and hotel room for the world science fiction convention which is in Helsinki this August.  Now I get to gnaw my fingers to the bone wondering how I pay for all of this.  But it’s all a part of my program – Trust Gd, spend money.  At least it is a bright promise and something to look forward to.

More another time, the fingers aren’t able to continue.  Have fun, be well, and Gd bless, all y’all.


4 thoughts on “Pune, India

  1. As always its good to hear from you. Me too, Im sorry youre still sick. Look forward to the convention and pay it off soon.

  2. I love that shawl she made! I’m so sorry you are sick again. It must be very wearing to already have health struggles and get sick on top of that.
    For me, it is incredibly frustrating when I get a “normal” illness on top of what I’m already dealing with.

  3. I’m enjoying your India pictures! The shawl is beautiful. The world science fiction convention will be amazing! I’m already hoping you’ll blog about it.
    I hope you have a comfortable day today and that you feel better soon.

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