Changing a Tire on a Tuktuk

One day coming back from M.G. road, The Husband had helped Youngest son and I into one tuktuk, and he took another to work.2016-12-13-09-23-37

We got a flat tire.  A tuktuk is on small wheels and I’d guess flats are a common experience.2016-12-13-09-23-41

The tuktuk isn’t the sort of vehicle you can just sit in while the tire is changed.  Youngest son and I stood nearby, me clinging to a pole for support, while the driver and mechanic (?) changed the tire.  The wheelchair stayed wedged in the back seat.2016-12-13-09-23-46

It was kind of fun to watch the operation.  Apparently it only takes one to lift up the tuktuk.2016-12-13-09-24-07

…and to lower it on the new tire.2016-12-13-09-24-12

If we’d had to wait any time I wanted to find out what was on offer here.


I think that this is the standard indicator for tire places.  At least we saw a lot of them.2016-12-13-09-25-09

It’s been close on a month since we were in Pune, India.  So blogging the trip is being as much an odyssey as the trip was.  I’m still enjoying – how about you?


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