How I’m Doing

I’ve been so busy, and tired, I haven’t had time or energy for posting all the photos I still have on the computer.  Turns out my middle daughter had a good camera I loaned her, so I just need to have time.  And energy.  And for HaShem to smile on my efforts.

In the meantime, the washing machine (clothes), and dryer both died, and I took one yoga class.  A new washing machine later, the reflexologist is sick, and I’m still getting settled after going away for two weeks (was it only two weeks?).  So, just catching up on the news on the iPad.  If I find I’m up to sitting at the computer I will put up some more photos.  If not, this is a placeholder post.  ‘Cause I haven’t forgotten that I promised to post at least once a week, I just let life get in the way sometimes.

Oh, and I’m climbing stairs!  Not as an exercise, I’m just happy that I can.


2 thoughts on “How I’m Doing

  1. You didnt mention feeling sick so I take it that you are better. Thank you for this lovely ‘place holder.’ I enjoyed it.

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