In Pune again


We shopped at this cloth shop to find some fabric for Youngest daughter (who is a talented dressmaker), and also found a tailor to make Youngest son a jacket.  He’s huge so nothing off the racks would fit him.

And stopped to get some lemon drinks.2016-12-13-08-32-392016-12-13-08-44-24

Street signs – I don’t know where any of these places are.

The Husband.  He takes very fuzzy pictures.2016-12-13-08-48-182016-12-13-09-08-31

Street scene.

Friday I went to Be’er Sheva to do some shopping.  I brought a small camera I bought a few years back for taking snapshots.  The batteries were dead, so I bought some new batteries.  Then, on the way home, I tried it with new batteries.  *sigh*  The memory card was full.  Hashem simply is not smiling on my photography efforts.  When I got home I found the memory card holds 32meg.  Did I say I bought the camera a few years ago?  Add a few more to that guesstimate.

I have a larger card, but I think I really ought to buy a new camera.  And maybe get rid of all these older cameras and their bits.  Going to Ashkelon this afternoon, I may try it out again.  We’ll see.  In the meantime may you all have a good new beginning, whether this is a new year on your calendar or not.


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