Back to Pune, India

I loved this strawberry seller, and yum for fresh strawberries.p1000906I don’t know what this was an ad for (perhaps the name of the shop is ‘Torrp’?), but I love how it looked.p1000909A wall of green.  Something you don’t often see in our little corner of the Negev desert.p1000912A street scene, again with lots of green.p1000913Another street scene.p1000915

We saw a lot of Pune going to and from the Amdocs building, malls, the M.G. road street market and the hotel.  We did visit a few other sites, some of them vaguely touristy, but mostly we were coping with life and seeing the ordinary life of the city.


8 thoughts on “Back to Pune, India

    • I haven’t been to California in years, and ND since I was a child. Imagine how hard it used to be to go places that we take for granted now. I hope I get to go to North Dakota at least once more. It is such a lovely place. 🙂

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