For a Change of Pace

Back here in Israel, I continue sick.  But that didn’t stop me from going, with The Husband and the kids who live with us, to celebrate my sister’s birthday in Tel Aviv.  Of course it started raining. img_20161227_122303_hdr

I didn’t get a photo of the hail.  At one point it was coming down so heavy, with such large hail, that I was a little bit worried about the windshield.  I have had a windshield crack under hail, but that was decades ago, on another continent, in an ordinary car.  I needn’t have worried.

My sister is living in a nursing home/rehab at Sheba hospital, which is quite a shlep for us, but at least I’m guaranteed it will be wheelchair accessible.  I need to mention, as well, how glad I am to have my own wheelchair again.  It is so comfortable, comparatively, and I don’t have to worry about footrests or anything.  I wish I could have taken it to India, but it doesn’t fold (it has a lock that allows me to drive the w/c van in it) so I have a loaner wheelchair from Yad Sarah for travelling.

Shameless promotion here, Yad Sarah have been my go-to for medical equipment since I landed in Israel.  They are unfailingly helpful, I’ve never run into anyone there who is even grumpy.  They’ve fixed problems with various wheelchairs I’ve had, not to mention lending not only wheelchairs but walkers, crutches, they have seat cushions and foot baths, and I believe that they do it all with donations.  So, good people.  Support them if you’ve a mind, and use them if you’ve a need.  There are local branches, but since I am mobile I most often drive into Be’er Sheva.  Just saying.

Met my sister in the dining room, but took our party out of everyone’s way.  I think we were in a room where they do some of the rehab stuff.img_20161227_125823_hdr

Youngest daughter made sufganiyot (like jelly-filled doughnuts.  Sort of), and it turns out my sister had some from a bakery, so the party commenced.  There was lots of eating treats, and there were presents, and because it’s Hannukah we played dreidl, and I hope a good time was had by all.  It was shorter than I expected, but that turns out to have been a good thing, as getting home was quite an odyssey.


We first drove out of Tel Aviv, then stopped for supper.  We needed to put some real food on top of all the treats we’d eaten.  It was well after dark by the time we’d gotten home.  One thing was driven home to me by this trip – I need to bring a camera with me.  One that works.  I may have to buy a new one, *sigh* because my ‘good’ camera is now too heavy for my hands (the hands changed, not the camera) and whatever combination of phone, iPad, cheap single lens camera doesn’t get me the photos I want.img_20161227_160757_hdr

Meantime, I’m trying to stay warm, and dreaming of India.



14 thoughts on “For a Change of Pace

  1. Interesting travel. Your positivity is inspiring. While some don’t sit on wheelchairs but stay in one corner, you have this energy to explore! Cheers on that! 🙂

  2. Did you spin the dreidl for cash? My Jewish buddies and I were cutthroat with that when I was a kid. I highly recommend it. I hope you find a camera to suit your condition. I love seeing your pictures.

  3. Glad you’re comforatble in your own chaor again. I take all my pics with my phone – iphone5 as I keep getting grit in cameras and breaking them. It’s not perfect but it’s always there and seems to be grit-proof x

    • When I had an iPhone (3) I was very happy with the camera, and used it all the time. Sadly that phone is no more, my new phone isn’t an Apple and the camera is, for me, inadequate. When I am in the market for a new phone I will take it into account. Until then. . . I haven’t worked out what I’m going to do. Like so many things for me it’s a process.

  4. Theres something about your blog that I really like because I keep coming back to it. My reading on blogs in general is down but I keep up with yours. Its like someone said, your positivity.

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