Still sick on Sunday

But better.  Lots better.  Hacking up huge gobs of phlegm, large amounts of crud coming out of my nose (sorry if this is t.m.i. – after six kids and decades of disability there are few things I flinch from discussing over a meal), and buckets of filthy water running into the passage between my room (the bomb shelter) and the rest of the house.  I like the rain, I am grateful for the rain, but this is really a pain.  So ugly stuff is running all over the place, leaving things a lot cleaner and clearer, as long as we are ready with enough tissues and buckets to catch it all.  *sigh*  It’s also really cold.

I think it’s because of being sick, possibly compounded by coming back from Pune, which doesn’t seem to have a winter as I understand it, to find temps here have dropped.  In Pune, daytime temps could still reach 30C.  Summer temps, here.

Oh, well.  At some point either someone will check the buckets outside my door, or I will have to wake The Husband.  TH is also sick, but with no where near the ferocity that I got hit.  He’s tired, a bit loopy.  Not having the crud in his nose, throat and lungs.  Sometimes I get angry at the unfairness of it all, but I am generally grateful that there is someone I can count on if I need to call for help.

I didn’t know if I was going to be posting more photos, but I had so much fun there, even if they aren’t great or meaningful to others.  I like looking at them and being reminded of Pune.

Looking across the street from the street market:


These are all different views of the same street corner (including the bottom photo)


We went to this bookseller more than once.  It’s a permanent outdoor bookstore with books on carts and tables.  One of several places we shopped for and bought English language books.p1000902


So much to say but no words.  I’m almost back to myself enough to think about what I’m writing and why.  Meantime I’m working my way through Stephen King’s The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.  Not sure about the title, no bad dreams so far, but it’s all short stories and at just shy of halfway all good.  Laterz.


9 thoughts on “Still sick on Sunday

  1. Keep posting the pictures, please! I enjoy looking at them, and it make India seem much more real than the stuff I usually see. And, since it’s Christmas day here, I think (if I read it right) tonight was the first day of Hanukkah for you, so I hope you had some fun even though the kids are basically grown, and grandkids are out of the country… Hanukkah lights and chocolate might help cure what ails you!

    • Where I was, Pune, is supposed to be the eleventh largest city in India. It’s partway up the west coast, thus, vastly different from up north where they have real winter, down south near Sri Lanka, near the bigger cities like Calcutta or in the country. It’s kind of hard to grasp how big and varied it is. This is just a small slice of one city. Hard to get one’s head around, isn’t it?

    • Cold is relative. The first winter I was here, I came from northern Vermont, and nothing outside could faze me. We had heated with wood, so the fact that it got cold indoors didn’t faze me as much as it would. The poor Ethiopians, on the other hand, new in the country, were freezing! They had parkas and gloves and scarves and allowed only the smallest amount of skin to be seen, and were shivering especially when it rained and the temps went below 50F.

      What drove me crazy for years was that no matter how we heated, it didn’t seem possible to comfortably heat inside the houses.

      Now I’ve acclimated more than I thought possible. I still don’t find winters particularly cold, but coming from India (and sick) I’m feeling it more than I would, once upon a time.

  2. Ah, you poor thing! Get better soon. So crappy being ill on top of already being ill.

    I like your photos. I don’t get out much now due to the poor health so I live a lot through others’ adventures. Unusual pattern that, on the fence. Would love to feel the warmth of that sunlight right now…

  3. I am enjoying your pictures of India very much! My granddaughter, an anthropology sociology student at Harvard, has gone on her own to Japan once and to India twice, but she has never shared any pictures with me. I suppose she put some on Facebook, but I do not like the lack of privacy there, so I ended my FB account years ago.

    Anyway, although I do not remember where my granddaughter was when she went to India, seeing your pictures makes me happy, thinking of her there. 🙂

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