Friday, and the cat’s on the keyboard

I have a bunch more photos, some (a lot) of them not very good.  India is such a different place, and I’d need more time and a working camera to get a feel for it.  Anyway, I am typing this on the iPad, as the cat (Kitten) isn’t letting me use the computer (now that I’ve got some photos on it).

I’m still sick, as well as more normal problems like my gut isn’t working right, and I still have no proper feeling in my left hand.  Oh, and I’m tired of people who have no clue about what I’m dealing with giving me well-meant but completely wrong, and forceful, advice.  Like the woman I go to for reflexology telling me in no uncertain terms I shouldn’t use a ‘pen’ on my phone.  I don’t mean an ink pen, I mean one of those plastic wands.  Even something as forgiving as the iPad is a pain with double letters and when my finger hits something I am not aiming at.  I have seen this woman twice.  So where does she get off?

I guess I’m indulging in some righteous indignation, but I’m tired, and sick, and highly frustrated, and I don’t have to be perfect today.  I promise not to make a habit of it.

I guess that’s all for now.  More extremely dull adventures of the sick cripple who went to India and was unable to take pictures.  My, don’t I have a positive attitude today?

I just hope that I get to go back.  đź™‚


2 thoughts on “Friday, and the cat’s on the keyboard

  1. Sending you Love and Hugs and Get Well Wishes. Being ill on top of already being chronically ill is really no fun. Oh, and the number of people I’ve come across, medical ‘professionals’ and well meaning but rude strangers while out and about (when I do get out!) who give you Advice… Goodness! Sometimes those people have just ruined my day when I was already struggling to keep positive and enjoy being out of the house. The same doctors who crippled me for life with severe pain, also told one of my neighbours to keep walking…when she went private, she had an x-ray and they found her ankle was broken! xo

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