Photos from Pune

20161205_115321Up above is the first photo I have from India.  The Husband sent it to me, taken on the taxicab ride from Mumbai airport to Pune.  I don’t know what else there is, I just found a handful of photos in my email.


I think this was the street our hotel was on.  It took a lot of work to see across without traffic blocking the view.


On M.G. Road, one of the bigger street markets.  It covers at least a few square kilometres, this is just one tiny snapshot.


This is a monument – I can’t even remember of what.  Is this lame, or what?  I so wanted to take pictures and record what I saw, but this is the best I could do…


The busses were fascinating.  Unfortunately there was no way to get me aboard so I could ride one.  It seems as if they are all different, definitely not a case of you’ve seen one bus you’ve seen them all.  They do all have advertising all over them.  Capitalism is alive and well, at least in Pune.

Still not doing 100%, and I’m having a harder time typing one-handed than sometimes, so that is all today.


5 thoughts on “Photos from Pune

  1. I love to look at EVERy detail. The cars, the people, the plants, whats on the ground, things like that. They don’t have trees there like they do here in Florida. The big live oaks we have it doesnt look like.

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