Back Home

And very, very sick.  Don’t fly when you are sick.  In case anyone was wondering.  I have lots of photos, many taken by The Husband with his phone.  No knowing how they turned out.

I didn’t intend to vanish like this but I’m really, really sick.  *sigh*

I do hope that when I’m over this I will finally get to see what the photos I took in Pune look like.  HaShem was not smiling on taking pictures.  Actually when I think of the missing visa, missing passport, YS’s wallet stolen, broken wheelchair, camera not charging, phone not working, trip to the E.R., YS and I getting sick…  It’s hard to imagine what else could have gone wrong.  And we Still had a good time.

Just as a btw, YS and I ended up spending an awful lot of time in the hotel room, and watched the television a lot of that time.  India has some really great nature programs.  Just saying.

Gotta go, my guts aren’t happy with me either.  Chicken soup for lunch, lots of dried ginger, vitamin c, water, staying warm under the covers, doing as much self-care as I can.  Sure hope I am feeling more the thing and can (finally) post some pictures from the trip.  India is a wonderful and fascinating country, but not someplace I want to be sick in.


8 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Oh no i am so sorry you are sick!!!! I wouldn’t want to be sick in INdia either!!!! I don’t know if you can get your hands on any bentonite clay or activated charcoal but it will bind with an illness, bacteria, and flush it out. Hope you are better soon.

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