Almost Going Home

Where was I?  I can’t remember what I stopped at.  Shabbot was quiet and we did a lot of sleeping, reading, and almost skipped kiddush due to sleeping through it.  After sundown, TH and YS went to pick up YS’s jacket from the tailor.  It looks really great.  I should have taken a picture.  Oh, well.

TH also picked up some supplies, most urgently, tissues.  I was really miserable and couldn’t fall asleep due to the continuous drip from my nose.  I did finally sleep some, but woke up around five in the morning and couldn’t fall back asleep.

Regardless there were some errands to be run (returning the rental wheelchair), and a bit of shopping.  We hit up the Clinique store at the Phoenix mall, and as we were cruising through I saw exactly the jacket I’ve been looking for.  Of course the store didn’t have it in my size, but they had one just like it in blue instead of red. So I bought it.

Returning the wheelchair was another adventure, and being sick and short of sleep, I was in no shape to do any sightseeing or shopping or anything.  Photography was right out, I had just gotten my phone powered up when TH arrived in a tuk-tuk, so the phone had to be put away and off we went.

When we got to the hotel, sans wheelchair, I was in such bad shape I could barely walk. Truly I’m not much better now. So I’m going to stop and try to get some more sleep. Tomorrow we check out and take one of the hotel cars to the Pune airport. If I wasn’t so sick I’d be really looking forward to it. I’m still looking forward to it a little.


4 thoughts on “Almost Going Home

    • Gum didn’t help, I’m sorry to say. But I survived and I’m home so all is well on this end of the Atlantic. Hope that the same is true for you. This is where the time difference gets me – my day is half over and you aren’t even going into surgery yet! I’m hanging on, I hope to hear from you soon. Praying.

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