Tuesday, one week ’til we’re home

We were actually able to get up when all three alarms rang this morning.  We weren’t moving any too quickly either, but we made it down to breakfast by nine.  I waited at the front of the hotel while The Husband and Youngest Son got their stuff together, and off we went in a taxi, back to the MG road street market.  TH had rupees to spend, and dollars to change into rupees.  We found a ‘legal’ change place and so in addition to TH and I getting walking around money, YS was able to change his last dollars as well.

Lots of shopping ensued.  So much for sightseeing, maybe tomorrow?  We’ll see.  YS really scored with a wallet, a book, and a drum (I’m sure I’m forgetting something), and we found a tailor to make him the jacket he wants.  I was able to find the perfect gift for older grandson, an elephant for Youngest Daughter, and the staff at the gift shop was so kind, and apparently liked us, offering tea and other gifts, like these elephants:

There are three all together, but YS’s is already carefully packed along with all of his other ‘got’s.

At the tailor’s shop I was able to buy patterned cloth for YD, of which this is one piece:

Wool socks were found for Oldest Son, and rather than photograph the socks, which look amazingly like socks, instead here is the bag from the shop we finally found them at:

I can’t figure out how to turn the photo with the tools at hand.  I can fix it at my computer when I get home.

Here is one from the shop where the tailor is working on YS’s jacket:

Last but not least, we (of course) bought another book.  Books!

I took a lot of photos while we were out, mostly just taking as many photos as I could and hoping that some of them come out.  The camera battery died while we were out, but I was able to take some with my phone.  Unfortunately those will also have to wait until I am home and can work with them.

I was a bit sick (gut problems) and ended up spraying myself full on, and then wearing the wet shirt so I couldn’t do anything but huddle under the blankets for the rest of the day.  YS and I ate almost everything in the hotel room, TH came back from work with some supplies, and I am snugly tucked in wearing an extra layer against the cold.  It does get cold here at night, at least compared to the daytime temps.  Nothing that anyone from the north would call ‘cold.’

I have finally been in Israel long enough that my body is no longer acclimated to New England.  Further proof that everything changes.  I never imagined, 12.5 years ago, that I would find the summer heat a good thing, or the winters, cold.

YS is telling me about the movie(s?) of the Lord of the Rings, so I should probably stop trying to type and give him some attention.  Laterz 


10 thoughts on “Tuesday, one week ’til we’re home

  1. I have just got back from my own vacation where internet was an iffy, if not impossible, proposition and am now getting caught up on blog reading. Sounds like you’re having an adventure!

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