Youngest Son in his new Shabbot outfit

Surprise!  We slept late.  The Husband and Youngest Son dashed down to the hotel breakfast and I lay in bed another hour or so.  Breakfast was served on a tray, and I’d be kidding if I made jokes about being spoiled…  I am so tired of being waited on.  Being taken care of might be nice for a day or a week, but when it is a necessary part of life it becomes old.  Very old.  But anyway…

TH went to work, and some hours later YS and I went to the lobby and asked a nice woman to call for a taxi for us.  We went to the same mall we went to before, and wandered around looking at the places we hadn’t seen last time, and trying to find a jacket that would fit him.  As I may have mentioned before, he’s humongous, and we had no luck.  I also looked for a gift for older grandson, but I’m not sure what I got will do.  On the other hand we did find a wonderful outfit for YS.  He’s going in the army in less than a year, so if you are interested in this handsome lad, contact me quickly.  đź™‚



3 thoughts on “Youngest Son in his new Shabbot outfit

    • It is possible to get exemptions for a number of reasons, and also to choose National Service instead. I don’t know the numbers, but a fairly large percentage (25%?) don’t even go in the army, leave alone the large number in the army who don’t do much of anything. I shouldn’t say so, but I do.

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