Sunday, 11 December 

I took photos today, using the camera, and after many ‘expletive-deleted’s I can’t figure out how to get them to WordPress using my iPad.

We woke later than we’d hoped, right, dashed down to get breakfast and then The Husband and I headed to the MG road street market.  We had an amazing time!  I hope we get to go back there.

Just as an aside, Youngest Son wasn’t feeling well and decided he wasn’t up to the noise and balagan of the street market.  I think he did the right thing, even though it meant I couldn’t shop for him.  He is so big I wouldn’t buy anything for him without him.

I did get lots of gifts, none of them (I hope) of the ‘my relatives went to India and all I got was this stupid ___’ variety.  I have four grandkids, the kids that I left back in Israel, and some other relatives.  No one should feel bad if s/he doesn’t get something.  I can’t make the things I want to buy magically appear and I won’t waste money on cheap crap – at least not if I can help it.  I may have bought some things that won’t last, or need special care, but nothing that isn’t worth the postage.

I have yet to find something for my older grandson, so that is the next search item.  That, and, getting to the Aga Khan’s palace which we didn’t get to today.  Instead, after a marvelous time shopping (and not just shopping), we dropped in at Pune’s Chabad House.  The family who live there are Israeli, and we met the parents and one son.  I don’t know if there are more.  It is not wheelchair accessible, but there is an Indian army security detail and they helped to get me in the door.

It was a short visit, as it turns out they had a train to catch.  If the train had left on time we would never have seen them, but it was delayed by several hours – something that they implied is usual – so they were there.  One thing the rabbi was quite insistent on – mashiach is coming soon.  So soon that we shouldn’t think of our youngest son going in the army.  I know that mashiach is supposed to usher in the time that is all peace, but as I recall there is supposed to be a war before that day comes, the war to end all wars, so I think either way Youngest Son will do his time in the army.

I am frustrated by the lack of photos.

We took a ‘tuk-tuk’ back to the hotel.  I don’t know if that is the proper name for them, but it is what TH and I call them.  It was very exciting.  First of all I crawled in, then TH got everything including the cushion off of the wheelchair (remember, lots of shopping).  Then he folded up the wheelchair and lifted/rolled it into the space (where our legs went) in front of the seat, and finally climbed in himself.  An adventure in itself.  Then came the ride back to the hotel.  I won’t even try to describe it.  The last hundred meters or so the driver went the wrong way, crossing over to the other lane, and following a small group of pedestrians who were walking in the street.

Needless to say we made it safely back to the hotel, where I am writing this.  We went out for ‘snacks,’ as no one was serving dinner at five pm. We crossed the street to a vegan restaurant that served snacks that could have been our supper.  TH had something spicy wrapped in a rice tortilla.  YS had something which the name started with ‘onion,’ was also spicy and wrapped in a rice tortilla, and I had potato wada, very spicy latkes.  I don’t know if it was an odd combination of spices, or if the chef was smoking while he cooked them.  They would have been perfectly delicious if they hadn’t tasted of tobacco smoke.  *sigh*

TH and YS went down to supper before I started this, and are back now, having brought back a good sampling of what they had for supper.  The Great Kabob Factory.  It wasn’t cheap, but that’s what happens in hotel restaurants.  I’m going to stop now so that I can eat, too.  ;-). Laterz 


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