Saturday night

I wanted to post something on Friday, but we barely made it back to the hotel before sundown.  TH and YS and I slept in again (who’s surprised), and dashed out to the local street market.  We went out and saw some of the ‘real’ Pune.  I ended buying dresses and saris and bananas and apples and…  Of course things cost so much less here that it’s hard not to overbuy (not overspend).  Thinking about going through customs is about the only thing that keeps the buying in check.

I wasn’t able to take photos.  The road was very bumpy (In general I refer to cobbled pavements as ‘bladder-buster’s, but this was even worse), and there weren’t good places to withdraw and take the sort of photos that I like.  It was extremely noisy for those of us who live on a tiny agricultural moshav, and YS reached his limit after a bit of shopping.

We returned to the hotel, left YS in command of the hotel room, and TH and I headed out again in search of a pharmacy.  We had seen one on the main road while riding in various taxis, and thought we would walk to it.  It turned out to be farther than either of us guessed, but worse, they were closed!  Apparently they opened in the morning, closed for a few hours in the afternoon, then opened again in the evening.  Like most local businesses used to in Israel.  Of course we couldn’t wait for evening because of Shabbot.  We will have to go back another time.

TH and I turned around and headed back to the hotel, stopping and looking at various stores and buying some fruit from street vendors

Apples are rare here, and it was a real treat to find some.  Almost all the way back to the hotel, there was a market that had a grocery section (the entire first level) and we bought some staples, juice and ‘digestive biscuits’ and snacks.  I wish I had gotten a photo of the store, but maybe another time.

It is challenging to eat and keep kosher here, from a hotel, but it helps that so much in India is vegan.  We read ingredients, question people closely, and, by the grace of Gd the people at the Chabbad house sent us a Shabbot care basket.  We got treats from the hotel

Other than the milk chocolate, and the chicken sent by Chabad, we are seriously eating a vegan diet.  That is delicious!  I wish I had the skill to make half of the delicious things we’ve tried here.  So it goes.

I slept and was coping with a non-working body for most of today (Saturday).  TH and I did take a turn around the hotel, but there were so many people (two hospital staff dinners and a wedding reception) it was really impossible to see or do much.  TH and I also went for a short tiyul about the neighbourhood.  It was amazingly dark and quiet just around the corner from the hotel and a main road.

Tomorrow, especially if we are able to get up earlier, we are going to a major street market and the palace of the Aga Khan, one of the biggest historical sites here, and the last resting place of two Ghandis, amongst others.  I hope I get photos!


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