We woke late (again), dashed down to the hotel breakfast, which was much better than yesterday.  Better cook?  I don’t know but it was quite good and we ate quite a bit more.

I wore my brown skirt from Holy Clothing, which is an Indian clothing company that I love, and my new red shoes.  That I also love.  Unfortunately my guts are still not settled, and I ended up making a terrible mess of everything but for a while there I felt very happy with the outfit.  This is not usual and I am trying to actually develop a wardrobe.  Slowly.

But anyway.  TH and youngest son and I managed to shoehorn the wheelchair and ourselves into a taxi.  We are getting good at this and also at using uber and other forms of transportation.  Fun.  Oh, I should say that my passport was waiting for me at the front desk, and we even got some of what we paid for the taxi refunded.  So *that* was all right.

We went to the Phoenix mall.  Sadly, the guard told us as we went in not to take any photos while in the mall.  :-(. So the photo at the beginning was from one of the shops (a health food shop), and I have one other if I can only figure out how to add it to this.

There we go! (I hope)

We stopped at this store that seems to sell everything-but, for us, most especially books.  I’m telling this out of order, because the first stop, while we still had TH with us was a Marks & Spencer.  It was wonderful.  We bought a lot of basics that you just can’t find in Israel (at least in our sizes).  None of us is small, while youngest son is positively humongous.  So we bought underwear and jeans and pajamas…  All for less money than you would imagine.  You may recall (that is, if I wrote about it.  I wish I had a memory) that we had to change shekels for U.S. Dollars in Israel, then change the dollars into rupees when we got here.  Since we got here I’ve been doing complicated math problems in my head whenever I spend some money.  Well, M&S charged us in shekels, eliminating all of that; gave us a 10% discount, and we ended up getting lots of stuff that we might have paid the same for one pair of jeans back home.  Of course they didn’t have socks big enough; but you can’t have everything.

TH had to leave us but made sure we could get help ordering a ride back to the hotel.  Youngest son and I had such a good time!  We didn’t even see the whole mall (which was, to us, enormous).  But we did find the bookstores.  And that lovely place that, as far as I could tell didn’t have any crosswords, but sold almost everything else.  YS didn’t buy a wallet there because by then we were both tired and he had had enough, but we got books (and did I mention books?) and assorted little things like peanut butter cups and correcting tape.  Again it was so inexpensive my mind can’t track it all.

We even stopped at a McDonald’s and were able to get them (after several repeats of the request) to give us a cup of 1/2 Coke – 1/2 Sprite.  Which is how we like it.

I would have stayed at least until we had seen the whole place, but YS was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel.  The ‘help desk’ wasn’t very helpful, but they did, at last, phone the hotel for me, and the hotel sent a taxi to get us.  It was a new driver so we got to listen to his directions in mixed English and Hindi.  It was a blast, and when he apologized for it taking too long, I said ‘ayn ba’aya’ without thinking, which I quickly switched to ‘no problem’ but shows that the Hebrew is starting to get fixed in my head.  I’ve only lived in Israel over twelve years.  It takes what it takes.

So it is well after midnight and in theory we are getting up early for breakfast and more shopping, this time at a street market, and looking for kosher meat and challah for Shabbot.  Yeah, right.  We’ll try, but I suspect another late dash to breakfast awaits.

I miss the rest of my family and my critters.  I hope everything there is working out.  Love you all!


8 thoughts on “Thursday

    • We bought dried blueberries, dried kiwi, and some mixed fruit that I haven’t tried yet. Oh, and Mango. A different selection than we had in New England for sure, and even than we can usually find in our place in Israel.

  1. Oh my sweet friend I remember going to India when my oldest was six months old and again when he was a year and a half. I loved it. We were in old Delhi most of the time but did go other places. We loved walking and talking to people and there were gardens where people would all have picnics and everyone shared what they had. All so friendly. I hope you have a great time.

    Many Blessings for you! HUGS

  2. Youngest Son will be fine, although he’s spent a couple of miserable days and nights. When I was a kid measles and chicken pox were still reasonably common. We would have laughed at the thought of going to the hospital for a fever and such symptoms as he’s had. Not that I would want to take any chances since we are in what to us is a strange country. But it is worth noting that people my age suffered what he did, and worse, and no one thought anything of it.

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