This morning we all rose early to partake of the hotel’s breakfast and head out to rent a wheelchair; before going to the bank for more rupees and then seeing The Husband off to work.  It all happened, but started much later and took longer… how it always goes.  Oh, I think I left out cost more.  Cost lots more.  Like more than twice what I was first told to rent the wheelchair.  *sigh*. There was a deposit which in theory we get back on return of the wheelchair.  That’s a headache I am just not going to think about yet.

At the bank it turns out they are not changing money.  If you don’t know the story, it might be worthwhile to find out the latest of India’s currency changes.  And we aren’t able to get rupees in Israel, so…  As it happens we lucked out.  Since what happened isn’t legal it is enough to say that we were able, privately, to change almost all of our U.S. dollars to rupees and help out a fellow who apparently just wanted to help his sister.  Who knows?  But it’s not so much money it would make or break anything.  Except us, of course.

I keep telling people in Israel that “we are not rich Americans.”  Here I have to add that we are not rich Israelis.  Rich compared to the average Indian beggar, for sure.  It’s been so easy to give away tzedaka (charity, although that’s not the correct translation of the word), the trick is not to give anyone too much.  I’m learning more from the various taxi drivers than anything.

After all of our adventures this morning, We did get to do a little sightseeing as the w/c rental place was near Shaniwar Fort.  Not wheelchair accessible but really good just to see the outside.  We figured the spikes on the doors were to keep elephants from ramming them with their heads, but could be wrong.

And after TH finally got to go to work, youngest son and I went out to lunch.  The restaurant was vegan (many of them here, are) and delicious.  After so many meals in Israel where there are only two flavours, hot and sweet, it was wonderful to eat something with a combination of tastes and textures.  Unfortunately, when we got back to the hotel I had my usual gut upset.  It wasn’t because of the restaurant food, as I just typed, it was usual.  If I had been at home it probably wouldn’t have been as big a deal, but there it was.  I had some hysterics, and left some mess that TH had to finish cleaning up.  Really, though, it’s been much worse, and I *was* able to mostly clean up and then collapse in bed.  So in the end all is well.

The hotel (staff) was able to find a taxi driver who was taking someone to the airport in Mumbai, so we only had to pay half of what we otherwise would, and my passport should be at the front desk in the morning.  Pray for me.

Tomorrow, the plan is to go shopping at a mall, and/or a street market.  Real sightseeing will have to wait for Sunday.  I think.

If nothing else, this is a real adventure.  So far the only losses have been money.  May it so continue.

Oh, I’ve been able to be reached via Viber and skype.  If anyone is interested.  It is surely a different world than what I grew up in.


One thought on “Wednesday

  1. What an adventure! Already complete with black market transactions! 🙂 The markets will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience and perhaps a deeper glimpse into some daily life…. Despite all the hiccups all seems well, especially with the return of your passport! I’m looking forward to more 🙂

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