In our hotel room

We’ve arrived in Pune, youngest son and I, and met up with The Husband at our hotel.  The bed is reasonably comfortable, the room is reasonably sized (for two.  Of course we are three and youngest son is humongous).  The wrinkle (of course there is a wrinkle) is that my passport is missing.  My U.S. Passport with the visa stamp.  Lots of people say they are looking.  In the meantime I am stuck in this hotel room without a wheelchair that works, and I’m not feeling very reasonable.  The hotel even had a wheelchair, but it has no footrests, so what good is that?

Youngest son and I have sustained nature on some supplies we brought with us:  soy drinks in little boxes, energy bars, I can’t remember what else right now.  Not enough.  I did take my pills on time so that’s a win – not surprising if I blew that but I do have the fear of pain driving me.  TH is bringing back some groceries when he returns from work (the *real* reason for this trip) and tomorrow morning bright and early we are going to rent a w/c.  It will all work out.

After all the fear and threats, it seems as if losing my passport was not such a big deal – just expensive.  All these people who gasped how horrible, and how important, and how I needed…  Well the hotel is just happy to have proof that I am not in the country illegally (my e-Visa), and the airport keeps saying we should call back, we should call back, until the passport goes from something we have to report immediately, to something that can wait a few hours, to something that can wait until tomorrow…  I am no longer going to fret about it.  So there.  😉

I can’t wait till TH brings some food.  Other than that I am glad the hotel has such good wifi, and the room has plenty of room for a folding bed (if they ever bring one).  I haven’t much optimism except that I do know everything will be all right, and I will be home in two weeks.  I want to say ‘no matter what’ but I haven’t that much optimism.  *sigh*


4 thoughts on “In our hotel room

    • Bathroom is no problem and is even mostly accessible. Tomorrow I get (I hope) a rental wheelchair, I’ll experience the hotel breakfast and go shopping. HaShem willing.

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