So I seem to be going to India

It’s just for two weeks, and as I start typing this the visas haven’t been entirely sorted out.   We, which is The Husband, youngest son and myself, are supposed to be on a 9o’clock flight tomorrow.  Pray for me/us!

I/we didn’t know until sometime midweek that we were for sure going, didn’t know until Wednesday that we had tickets on Sunday.  Our Israeli passports had expired so we had to apply for visas on U.S. passports (more expensive) while we paid a premium to try and get new passports before we leave Sunday.  *sigh*  A little more warning would have been nice.

Anyway, my visa and TH’s visa were approved, but youngest son’s apparently had a wrinkle which we (meaning TH) is trying to take care of.  Worst comes to worst we (youngest son and I) fly out later, Monday or Tuesday, while TH flies out Sunday night (he is going for work, after all).  I hope it doesn’t come to that because I am not the best traveller, and I’d rather not be the one in charge.  But all will be well.  I insist.  It will be good for me to get away for a while.  It will be good for youngest son to travel and see a bit more of the world, and TH? well, he is going to get paid for the work he does regardless.  Let it be for two weeks in India.

I’ve started, at long last, going through years of digital photos.  More than a decade, in fact, I got my first digital camera back in 2002.  I had them organized, but that was years ago and my last computer crashed and, and, and, …  So I’m about a third of the way through 2003.  If I hadn’t had several bad years during which I took almost no photos at all, I’d doubt my ability to finish.  In any event I find I want to share a lot of the photos again, despite having uploaded them to my fotolog when they were current.

At the time we had a farm, with fibre animals such as:  llamas, angora goats, angora rabbits and so on, as well as ducks, chickens, turkeys, geese, and dairy goats.  We also had lots of pets, but the parakeets, iguana, gerbils &tc., predate the digital cameras.  If you come to my home I can show you the photo albums…  Needless to say the photography bug bit me before anyone could take all the photos that they wished.

So I am going to show a bit of what life used to be like, Hashem willing, but not today.  Two cats and the dog Chamudah are wrapped around me, as if they could somehow prevent me leaving.  My fingers have done quite the job typing all of this, and I still haven’t packed.  I need to act as if I’m leaving tomorrow, after all.  If I can, I will keep the blog going during my travels.  At this point I need to find out what size carry-on bag I can bring.  *sigh*


14 thoughts on “So I seem to be going to India

  1. Fantastic! I am so pleased for you! What could be better than an adventure! Travel safely, my friend, and take pics! Hugs xxx

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