About Pain

The world shrinks

Then it grows, and shrinks again.

Sometimes I can hear the birds outside my window.

If it is winter, all kinds of birds

If it is summer I hear crows, and chickens, and sometimes pigeons

Unless the pain is so great

I hear nothing but the pounding of the pulse in my ear.

The world shrinks

Until there is nothing but pain

The world grows to include others

Other people, and cats, and dogs,

Donkeys and chickens

More birds

People I meet through the computer, and neighbours across the street

There is a whole world out there

There are other worlds

I learn about the new thruster that could take people to Mars.

I read science fiction, and fact – history and math and more science

Thinking about the world, and how it has changed

What I would do if I was younger and in good health

If my body only worked the way it was originally designed to

But then there is the pain and

The world shrinks.


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