I’ve probably missed my once-a-week again, but this time I was sick.  Still am, but much better.  I have so much wrong with me that dizziness, nausea, even running a fever with cold sweat wasn’t enough for me to be sure that it was genuine illness.  With the help of family members I went through everything I’ve eaten for days.  It wasn’t until I was on the mend that I finally figured out/accepted that I had what I now assume was some kind of intestinal flu.  *sigh*  It says a lot about my life that I can’t even tell when I have an illness on top of the chronic ones.

Well, M.S. is fun for the whole family, and pinched nerves and slipped (not the right word, but I can’t think of it right now) disks are certainly a learning opportunity.  Allergies and digestive problems are a handful all by themselves, but the ‘flu?  I’ll take all of the other things combined — at least in the short term.

Long-term I have a new craving – for a ‘mountain bike’ wheelchair.  It looks wonderful, and supposedly I can steer it with just one hand (all I’ve got these days) and it has no batteries.  I get one of these babies and look out world!  The beach, the crater, even the construction zone that is my moshav become more than possible.  I can leave the house by myself!  What a concept.

I’ll keep the others around for sure, since I can’t prepare my own meals (and can’t afford that much catering) and need help with clothing.  It’s hope.  Something to look forward to, like the zip lines and bungee jumping, but not requiring the airfare.  Hey, a person can hope.

Meanwhile being sick means not working on my poetry except in ways I don’t want to share, even here.  Instead I digitized a Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie album, the third (?) I’ve done on last year’s birthday present.  I wasn’t planning on my dominant hand going south, you see.  Now I have to try and figure out this new version of GarageBand that came on the laptop computer.  The one I am familiar with must have been quite a while back, and had a whole different set-up.  So it goes.

Got to stop typing, although it is good exercise and good practice.  Six-fingered typing – it beats the hell out of one-fingered typing.  Now I know I’m better.  😉


4 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Oh man, it sucks being sick with flu on top of everything else. Hope you’re over it by the time you read this, and I REALLY hope you get that awesome, rad looking mountain bike wheelchair! Bring it with you if you ever come visit, and we’ll rip around my woods scaring the bears together. Wheeeeeeeeeee! 🙂

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