The end

It’s been the better part of a week, and I have lots of ideas but I’ve written nothing new.  So it goes.  It’s the end of my youngest son’s birthday.  He’s seventeen.  Good heavens.

I’m almost done with the mom-stuff.  I’m still their mother, but for the most part my role is limited to a listening ear, some feedback, and money.  Now that I have the van and can drive I provide that service, too.😏

In any event, here I am, and here’s what I can come up with in the mess that remains of the day.


Three stars in the sky

Not just the end of a day

The end of an era.


4 thoughts on “The end

  1. Kids, are a road we travel, without really knowing, where it goes. It is endless, unforgiving, and without a place to rest and recoop. But, it is an adventure, and one we never regret, we started.
    God bless you mate.


  2. It’s really a very moving poem. I think I know the happy/sad feeling you’re describing, when your work is done. There is joy at what they have become, but sadness that they are, in a way, gone. And the ‘haiku’ rhythm you give it somehow also describes the timing of the ‘parent’ cycle. quick at the beginning, busy and complicated in the middle, and then over before you know it.
    You got a tear out of me, anyhow.

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