I promise

It has come to my attention that I need to stop waiting for the ‘right’ time and just write something.  So here it is.

It’s not like I’ve spent the whole time I haven’t been writing waiting.  It’s just that – I guess I’m ready.  Typing slowly and, sometimes, painfully; I have reached the point that not being able to touch-type is no longer allowed to be a barrier to my writing.

I don’t know what I’m going to write, but it’s going to be something.  Years ago I showed my writing (this was in college, so you can guess how long ago) to an editor who told me that I’m better at prose than poetry.  Since then, besides diary/blog writing, I have restricted myself to prose.  But I *want* to write poetry.

So perhaps that is what I will do.

If it’s bad poetry, which some at least is bound to be, so be it.  I’m no longer dependent on others telling me what to do, or what I am good at.  Now that I type/write so slowly, I can take my time and craft my poems.  That’s the theory, anyway.

In any event, I promise [myself] I will be writing, something, at least once a week going forward.

There it is.


19 thoughts on “I promise

  1. Glad you’re writing. I think a poem can take a long time to emerge into its best form. One of the most exiting things I ever saw was Wilfred Owen’s drafts of ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’ I shall go and look for them and send them to you if I find them. Good to hold a line or a verse from a poem in your head, twisting it about to see what other shape it can take. xxx

  2. Who cares if it’s bad poetry? This is the internet – we expect it! Lol. You go, girl. Write what you feel, damn the torpedoes and all that. I just hope it’s not too painful for you. Hang in there 🙂

  3. After his TIA (mini-stroke) my son was unable to type and that’s his livelihood – he’s the chief editor for a magazine. The occupational therapist said it was the best exercise he could do. So he did it – and did it – and did it. And finally, after weeks of slow laborious typing he was up to speed although once in awhile he has little fumbles. Those are now going, too. It’s been about a year now. Good luck!

  4. Thanks. It’s been for me about half a year just learning to do the basics (walk, eat, dress myself). Typing is finally coming onto the radar. I hope it does come back, but even one-handed typing is better than nothing. I’m learning! 😉

  5. I write everyday, I just have these poems that, proper artist I guess, I’m never satisfied with. Someday I’ll just say ‘enough’ and throw up my hands. Maybe. Thanks for encouragement.

  6. We all have days like that. Sometimes I keep the ones I start that won’t come together properly for a year or two years and one day I pick it up and know what I was trying to say. Don’t throw your pieces away. Some day they will speak to you.

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