Home again

It was quite the trip, but it was capped by both vehicles requiring quite massive repairs.  We planned on going back to Jerusalem on Tuesday, just for the day.  I’d spotted some things for my kids, but would much rather that they picked things out than that I brought them stuff that may not suit them.  We stopped to fill the van’s tank, and then the van wouldn’t start.  Grrr!

I initially blamed TH, and he initially blamed himself; but there was something very wrong that even the technician, Patrick, couldn’t even figure out.  So he disconnected the joystick and I couldn’t drive my car.  TH could, or any of the kids with licenses, for what that’s worth (a long day trip bringing a friend to Ikea is what it’s worth).  That isn’t why I have a wheelchair van.

We sent oldest son home to come back with the car, and I was so frustrated by the whole thing that I drove the car back home.  Shhh!  I’m not supposed to be driving an ordinary car that isn’t equipped with all the accommodations.  It was good, though, as I found that I *could* drive it, I found that after a while my foot wasn’t reliable on the pedals, so I really *shouldn’t* drive it, and I experienced the transmission on it’s last legs.  The kids knew there was something wrong, but haven’t the experience to just listen to the thing struggling to change gears and know it is really about to not work at all.

This Tuesday, TH drove the van up to Rosh HaAyin without me, and stayed there the better part of a day while they fixed this and that, driving home a hopefully fully functional van.  Except for the gas pedal.  *sigh*  But it is working well enough that we are trying the trip to Jerusalem again this Friday.

This afternoon TH picked up the car with the transmission fully repaired.  A new gear was needed, and the whole thing cost more than our entire vacation.  But, it is a good car.  Long may it run.

We are trying, once again, to take the kids to Jerusalem on Friday, to shop on Jaffa street, to sight-see in the Old City, to go to the Kotel.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I am going back to the hydrotherapy pool with my youngest daughter, shopping in preparation for not being home on Friday, some family members are going for a group trauma treatment in Sderot in the early evening.  Back to our normal routine.  I am glad the vacation is over.  It was swell, but the swelling’s gone down.  Now I’ve got to get some sleep.

Hey, I’m typing better!  It is all good.


3 thoughts on “Home again

  1. It sounds like you take it all in stride. The vehicles breaking down sure are an inconvenience, but, it sounds like you don’t let it ruin the day.

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