About brain damage

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond to the question, and also sorry if this isn’t your preferred form of contact.  I’m not doing so well in thinking these things through lately.
I have multiple problems, so sometimes it is hard to tease out exactly what is what.  Much is conjecture as Western medicine hasn’t many answers for problems like mine.
About twelve years ago I started bleeding uncontrollably.  This was vaginal bleeding, but not a period.  I bled out so much I was unable to stand; severe anaemia.  I was prescribed iron supplements and that was it.  I saw many, many dr.s, some were no help at all, others did things like suggest a transfusion, then do nothing.  I don’t have any idea just how anaemic I was for most of the time.  It was a couple of years into this (yes, I said years) that I was aware I was having trouble with simple mental tasks like counting.
The dr.s were again useless, but doing my own research I learned that these kinds of deficits are normal when the brain is oxygen starved.  Along with counting, I couldn’t remember things, anything from a conversation I just had to appointments.  I couldn’t learn new things, and I became somewhat dis-articulate.
I also have M.S. so I have no way to know what physical deficits might be involved with the brain damage.  The dr.s finally performed a uterine ablation (burned off the lining of the uterous) and I stopped bleeding.  It took a long time for the anaemia to lessen, because I also have trouble digesting my food, and it wasn’t until I started taking chromium picolinate as a supplement that the memory functions started coming back.
I still have trouble counting.  As a general rule I have to have *something* to count, whether it is coins or stitches on a knitting needle – I have trouble counting in my head.  I can do simple math like 5+8, but I generally ask for help with 8+13.  The memory is better, but I need to find something to work on to see if I am actually capable of learning something new.
Since I suffered a neurological ‘event’ (not a stroke) last year, I am mostly busy with learning to walk again, and how to do stuff without a working left hand.  I am/was left-handed.  It is quite challenging.
So that is the short story about my brain damage from anaemia.

3 thoughts on “About brain damage

  1. I don’t know why this had to happen to you. It sounds like an awful lot to have to manage. Stay on top of yourself and your health. Keep working at getting better every day. Do as much as you can in one day without further stressing yourself. And if you believe in God, talk to Him.

  2. Whoa. I had anemia close to 20 years ago from menstrual blood loss, a normal-enough situation that I didn’t think to get it checked out until my iron stores were practically depleted. Luckily supplements got me back to normal and several months on the “pill” brought my periods back to normal. I’m sorry you were not so lucky. (((hugs)))

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