I went to visit my daughter who lives in Sderot, and played with my new camera while I waited for her.  This is looking away from her house.  Lovely fence.P1000279

This is at her house, looking past the gate.P1000281In my car I have a push button set of controls to go with the joystick.P1000284The knitted sock is to remind people not to try to use the gear shift.  Use the push-buttons!P1000286The steering wheel.  I don’t really use it, as I rely on the joystick.  George Jetson, move over!  It’s only a matter of time 🙂P1000288A plant my daughter brought with her.  It looks fine on the dash.P1000293That’s the lot for today, I hope some of you have as much fun looking as I’ve had posting.

Be well, all y’all, and Gd bless


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