A trip north

I and The Husband took a trip to the centre, which is up north for us.  I had to get the van fixed (again).  Our first stop was the garage in Rosh HaAyinP1000223

Where we waited, and waited…P1000224

We were given a reprieve, told the van was fixed (again), and headed off to Hod HaSharonP1000241

The store there has so many quirky little statues, tchotchkes, and decorations, including the fish tanksP1000232

And outside there are rides, and the sort of painting that anywhere else would be called graffiti – but here in Israel it is paid for and requested.P1000243

The sky is cloudless and deep blue.  It doesn’t rain in the summer, but this year there have been clouds that offer a break from the sun sometimes.P1000246

I’ve been having fun, but that day I had to turn around and head back to Rosh HaAyin again.  The car was fixed again (again).  And we just headed home.  We’ve found a couple of things still to be fixed.  I took delivery of the van almost exactly a year ago, and totalled it in an accident the same day – an accident that I don’t believe was my fault and it was a miracle:  no other vehicle was involved, and no one was injured.  So I continue with the odyssey of travelling as a cripple, sorry, wheelchair user.  Hopefully someday going further afield, but that is up to HaShem.


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