Water in the desert

It rains in the desert; and when it rains in the desert, it floods.  We drove around the bridge that was built so that the cars, trucks, and busses could avoid the flooding, the day after it rained, to take these photos.

2016-03-30 12.22.01

2016-03-30 12.22.55

2016-03-30 12.23.20

2016-03-30 12.23.27


Perhaps not my best photos ever, but I was tired.  I am tired now, and most likely will not be posting any more from the ‘good’ camera, but rather from my new camera which is not so heavy.

On another note, I am doing better physically.  Hopefully that means more photography – but at the moment it means I am getting better at six-fingered typing; and I can cross the house without using the walking frame.  Progress! and so it goes…


3 thoughts on “Water in the desert

  1. First of all, am Very Glad to hear that You are feeling Better, my Dear Melisdvash! God be Praised!

    This much Water in the Desert! I am Astonished! …Good to learn all this.

    As for the quality of the photographs, for me, it is enough if I get a fair Idea of what the Author wants to present. And they are quite good in that sense.

    Six fingered Typing! That one is new to me! …Regards. 🙂

    • Hello again. Nice to hear from you.
      As far as water in the desert, even the driest of deserts have some precipitation, mostly rain. We have a rainy season during which the rain usually comes down quite hard and heavy. The ground can’t absorb the water as fast as it comes down, and we don’t have things like storm drains.
      My right hand works, but I have to hunt and peck with my left index finger – hence six-fingered typing. 🙂

      • Nice to hear from You, too, my Dear Melisdvash! Thank You for sharing all that.

        Storm drains? In India, even the ordinary drains do not work. …Do You remember what happened in Chennai during the last rains? 😦

        Sorry that Your left hand does not fully work, but glad that Your right hand does, and that You are able to type so well given the conditions.

        Much Regards. 🙂

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